A little history
In 1998, Mr. Wichai and Mrs. Wanpen opened a Children’s Home, Mercy House, out of compassion for the many needy children in their district. This also included disabled children and those whose parents had abandoned them or were divorced. Many of the children are from the Karen tribe. No child is rejected on ethnic or religious grounds. It was started in a small way with just eleven children in one building that was often flooded and mosquito-infested. Since then, there has been steady progress and today there are 24 children at Mercy House.

A workshop was built in September 2006, enabling the children to pursue work skills for their future careers. The discipline of the children is strict and loving like a true family. They are all expected to learn to look after themselves and their possessions as well as share together in work and play.

Mercy house is affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand charitable foundation. A committee of 7 people share responsibility with Mr. Wichai and Mrs. Wanpen as managers, with 50% of the financial support needed coming from Sweden and the rest from voluntary gifts donated by individuals and groups interested in Mercy House.

There are four targets in bringing up the children:

  1. To work hard
  2. To persevere
  3. To have integrity and honesty
  4. To be economical and not waste anything

Mission statement:

  1. To provide a place where children are cared for in terms of a good home, good food and good education.
  2. To help children generally without prejudice regarding nationality or creed.
  3. To develop and give assistance to the body, mind and spirit and to develop the children’s own capabilities.
  4. To give assistance to the community to help resolve the serious problems facing the children and young people of our nation.

Principle and methodologies or plan of action:

  1. To work with no more than 25 children for a primary period of between 10-20 years.
  2. To accept children from 6 years of age and above.
  3. To care for the children until they complete high school or have skills to enable them to work.
  4. To build high morals into their lives, as well as appreciation of their own customs and cultures.
  5. To find funding so the work can progress.
  6. To ensure appropriate care in a family atmosphere.

Mercy House welcomes visitors and it would be appreciated if you contact Mr. Wichai before by telephone (Thai only) or by letter. The telephone number is 032-621905, 081-9411770. Email: mercyhouse3@hotmail.com
Address: 18/15 Tessabaan street 1, Tanbon Khao Noi, Amphur Pranburi, Prachuabkirikharn 77120 Thailand.
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Donations to any of our projects are welcome

Bangkok Bank
Pranburi branch
Account name: Mercy House
Account number: 419-0-28591-8

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